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I ship veils all over the world-- see the international brides page

I hand make- to order any of the Bridal veils or first communion veils on this site- using lots of different fabrics, edges, laces and adornments. Have a good browse- each veil has a page dedicated to it and there are lots of photo examples including "Real Brides" in their veils - to help you choose.

My veils as seen in Brides Magazine

A pink veil- photo by Jenny from Macavoy Photography

Dorothea- Sept 2011 Rhodes- wearing her 108" silk veil.

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I also embroider items ---- here is a photo of a napkin ordered by Mark to make his proposal of marriage!


SHE SAID "YES" ---- many many congratulations xxxxxxxxxx                               Here's the proof!!!!!

I have now created a blog where I chat about what's new in Dream Veils world- 

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I have also created three Utube videos to help you in your veil search.
One explains the birdcage veils and how to wear them. click here
Another explaining the differences between single and two layer veils. click here
And another showing the differences between the soft and the firm silk veils. click here
  PLEASE remember they have been done by me on my own and I am no Spielberg!

I have a collection of Vintage inspired veils.
 vintage 20's and 30's inspired wedding veils.See page

Above left - The sample of the "Hannah" veil          And right the real Hannah who commissioned this veil- now named "The Hannah Veil"
See the "Vintage Veil Collection"         Photos of Hannah with thanks to Rachelle Simoneau
Hannah's wedding is now featured on Love My Dress Blog

Sarah in her "Jamie" Juliette cap- Vintage inspired veil- see Vintage veil collection- now featured on Rock My Wedding               

A new addition to the Vintage Veil collection

                                        A little dotty tulle birdcage veil.                           A  pure silk-Spanish Lace knotted Juliet cap veil.  Photos by Jenny Mcavoy Photography


The "Jaime" Juliette cap veil with my own sourced headpieces. - see Vintage veil collection
Photos by Jenny McAvoy- featured on her blog Love Me Love my Wedding
See also the video by Craig from Unforgettable Memories. - on Love Me Love My Wedding blog

Dotted tulle Veils

This example above is a 126" two layer veil. - for more examples see the "Classic" veil page


Whats on the  DISCOUNT/CLEARANCE PAGE ??????- quick note- go and see!
A 108" white large lace mantilla veil.
A white 24" lace single layer veil.
A 64" a very pale pink single layer veil- can be made shorter.
An ivory 20" single layer- "bubble" type veil  
50" silk white single wired edge veil.
36" creamy lace- ivory tulle mantilla veil

And Cheap white mantillas- suitable for first Holy Communion


I also make embroidered personalised napkins, hankies and have a new toweling range.

STOP PRESS!!!!New Items !!!!!! --- Capes and the organza edge veil
I have created some capes- see the Cape page

Left- the limited Edition Spanish lace Cape-                     Middle is a dotted tulle cape                        Right is a French lace cape

The "Nancy" Organza veil

Left is  62" two layer veil......                                Centre is a 110" two layers of organza ribbon                 Right is the Real Nancy in her white 36" first communion veil
See page Holly cord and Nancy Organza -    Above left photo by Jenny Mcavoy photography

My beautiful Corporate models..........


   Emma is my beautiful daughter and the "Corporate" model on my site - Many thanks baba!!! (See below for a photo of Kelly in this veil.)
AND..... introducing my beautiful granddaughter Maddie who is to be my new First Holy Communion Model-(keeping it in the family!)

Some of my beautiful brides and first Holy Communicants.......

Below is a photo of my beautiful Bride-  Dulcie-she is wearing her "Amy" Visor veil and is also featured on this fantastic blog - Love my Dress.


Clare- Nov 2013- wearing her Champagne coloured "Classic" single layered veil                             Briege- May 2013- wearing a birdcage veil with her own headpiece.

Heba - Nov 2010 - in her Curved lace mantilla- now named the "Heba" veil    and     Kelly- July 2010-- in the large lace mantilla-now named the "Kelly" veil


Naoimi on her first Holy Communion day- April 2012- in her "Heba" curved lace mantilla veil.


Alexia wearing her 48" "Mairi" lace veil-- see lace veil page.

The Birdcages


Emma Modelling the Rebbeca net full faced birdcage................... then with the Swarovski banding around and tulle bow

Keedy & Carl 
Above is Keedy wearing the "Keedy" veil and bow (named after her) -- a fusion of net and tulle-- see the "Limited Editions" page
Many thanks to Mark Pugh Photography


Marinda- wearing a "Michelle" tulle full faced birdcage veil with bow           Layla wearing her "Amy" visor veil                Tereza wearing her bandeau style birdcage veil.see page


There is a separate page for the prices of the veils.  Please browse my site, there are examples on it of all my veils.
I have also included a page of the photo albums of my Brides showing the veils worn by them on their wedding day. These have been kindly sent to me by them, which will give you further examples and ideas for your wedding. If I have the honour of making your veil for you and you would like to have your picture added to the album, I would be very happy to include your photo on my site.
I run Dream Veils  from my home in Sale, Cheshire which is in the Greater Manchester area so if you are near to me you are very welcome to come have a coffee and browse through the veils and try them on.

This February 11th 2014- Dream Veils is 8 years old!! here is a photo of me and the gentleman who thought of the name for it - Jack.
It was on Jack's birthday celebration 7 years ago that my little company was named. Happy Birthday Jack & Dream Veils.


Emma                                                  Emma & Me !!

The stand at Event City Wedding Fair March 2014-- Emma & me-- the stand and the backdrop with my fab wooden bunting.

My "Corporate" model is my beautiful daughter Emma, who I would like to thank very very much for modelling for me. Thank you for your patience, guidance, help and encouragement over the last few years. Thanks Em !!!And another special thank you to my other model, my grand-daughter Maddelaine who is my first communion veil model!!
 I would also like to thank Tom McGrath for his fantastic photography. 
I would now also like to thank Lynn Jones for her fantastic photography-- Thanks Lynn xxxx