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I can make wraps in organza, tulle or dotted tulle. They can have just a cut edge or be bound with the satin binding. I can also adorn them with Swarovski crystals or pearls

I also knit wraps, I have ivory and white wools in stock.


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Organza satin edged bridal wrap Emma modelling an organza wrap

The Organza Wrap

The organza wraps have to be edged in the satin binding as the fabric frays. I have white & ivory in stock, and they can be adorned with Swarovski crystals or pearls.

Satin edge bridal wrap Emma modelling a tulle cut edge wrap.

The Tulle Wrap

The tulle wrap can have a cut edge or have a satin bound edge. I have lots of different colours of tulle in stock and they can be adrorned with Swarovski crystals or pearls, this is a satin bound image- for images of the cut edge see the gallery below.

Dotted tulle satin bound bridal wrap Emma modelling the dotted tulle cape- edged with the satin binding.

The Dotty Tulle Wrap

The dotted tulle wrap can have a cut edge or a satin ribbon edge. I have ivory & white in stock.

Soft knitted bridal wrap Emma modelling a knitted wrap

The Knitted Wrap

The knitted wraps are lovely and soft and very warm, they are made to cover the shoulders and tops of the arms. I have white & ivory in stock.

Gallery of Wraps

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