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Dream Veils

The Sara Satin Bound Veils & The Nancy Organza Edged Veils

My own daughter Emma- who you see featured a lot on the site as she is my "corporate" model- married her wonderfull fiance in August 2015. She chose from all the veils I make- a silk version- of the "Nancy" organza ribbon edge veil. It was white firm silk- single layer with a special cascade cut to the sides.

Organza ribbon single layer veil Emma in her firm silk casccade cut organza ribbon edge veil

Emma in her white firm silk single layer "Nancy" organza edge special cascade cut veil.

Organza edge veil Emma's actual White firm silk single layer organza edge veil-used on a photoshoot.

The Sara Veil

Satin edge two layer veil Kirsty in her 36" single "Sara" satin edge veil.

The "Sara" satin bound veil.

Kirsty in her 36" single layer satin bound veil with Swarovski crystals dotted over


The satin bound veil edge can be made of 0.5cms or 0.25cms

Satin binding veil edge Satin bound edge veil example.

The edge of the "Sara" veil - satin veil.

Satin bound veil Two layer- wide "Bubble" style satin bound veil- see below for rea bride Victoria wearing this veil.
Satin bound veil Cascade single layer satin bound veil

                  Recent brides

Grace in her whte 100" satin bound cascade cut veil

Sarah wearing her 40" satin bound veil- cascade cut with Swarovski pearls over.


The Nancy Veil

Organza edge cascade cut veil The Nancy organza edge veil
silk single layer organza edge veil Emma in her own single layer silk organza ribbon veil

The "Nancy" Organza edged veil

The organza ribbon edge can have one or two layers of organza, and also of different widths of organza ribbon.

Organza ribbin egde veil example Organza ribbon edge.

The organza ribbon edge.

Oragnza ribboin edge veil. Kate in her 78" "Nancy" organza ribbon edge single layer veil.

Photo Gallery of "Sara" satin bound veils

Photo Gallery of "Nancy" organza edge veils.

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