Dream Veils
Dream Veils

The Kate Wired Curly Edged Veils and the Holly Satin Corded Veil

The Kate Veil

Wired edge two layer veil Debbie in her 54" two layer "Kate" wired curly edge veil

The "Kate" wired curly edge veil.

The "Kate" veil has a stitched and wired edge. It is made to give a curled and curved look.

Curly edge Curly edge on tulle

The curled, wired "Kate" edge

The Holly Veil

72" tow layer satin corded veil Emma modeling a 72" two layer veil, with three lines of satin cording

The "Holly" satin cord veil.

This satin cord is also known as the rat-tail cording. It can have as many lines of cording as wanted.

satin corded veil Two layer veil with edge of satin cord
Examples of the satin cording on tulle Examples of satin cord

The Holly satin cording

The "Holly" veil has a satin cord sewn onto it- it is also known as the rat-tail cording. It can be sewn inside the edge of the veil- and as many lines as wanted- thsi eaample has three--- or a single layer can be sewn along the edge which makes the veil curl slightly. Available in white or ivory

Satin wired two layer veil Satin wired veil

Jayne wearing her tiny two layer "Holly" satin wired veil- 30" but giving drop of around 15"

Photo Gallery of  wired "Kate"  veils

Photo Gallery of the "Holly" veils

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