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Dream Veils

The Cascade or Angel cut veils

I have dedicated this page just to show the cascade or angel cut veils.

They are an option you can have with a single layer. They have a specialised cut which is similar to having wings cut into them- hence they are sometimes called the angel cut.

I will be posting more photos of these veils in the next few days- but here are some to be going on with !!


Silk organza edge veil Emma wearing her own cascade silk tulle, organza (The Nancy Veil) edge veil.
satin bound veil Emma Modelling a cascade cut satin bound veil (The Sara Veil)

Below are two photos showing in detail the differences between the cascade/angel cut and the "normal" straight edge cut.
These veil examples are very slim cut- just made specifically to show the difference between the two options.

Satin cascade cut veil Grace

Grace in her 100" satin bound cascade cut veil



Satin cascade cut veil Natalie

Natalie in her satin cascade cut veil



The Straight edge cut

Single layer veil A single layer- straight cut satin bound veil, to show the edge.

The Cascade cut

Cascade cute veil A cascade/angel cut veil-- satin bound to show the edge.
Silk tulle veil Emma modelling her own silk tulle veil- cascade cut- with the organza ribbon egde
Organza ribbon edge veil Again Emma modeling her own organza edge silk tulle veil
Organza ribbon veil Emma on her wedding day wearing her silk tulle cascade cut veil

Just for fun!!!
From a photo shoot, showing my two models !!! Emma and Talulah ! Love them both !!

Lace cape and cascade cut veil Emma in a Spanish lace cape- BUT Talulah in a cascade cut veil !!

A gallery of cascade cut veils

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