Wedding Veils

Here you will find the details and photos of the different styles of Wedding veils I make.
You will also find details of the edges, the laces and the silk tulle veil options.

A cut edged veil

The Classic cut edge veil.

The Classic veil is a fine cut edge veil has a clean cut edge- perfect for a no fuss veil. 

The fact that there is nothing on the edge of this veil  allows the details of the dress to show through because the edge of this veil just disappears. This edge makes it a perfect veil for a heavily embellished dress.

A pencil edged two layer veil.

The Rachel, pencil edge veil.

The Rachel veil has an edge stitch around, forming a pencil edge. It is a fine very slender stitch which gives a slim line around the edge.

The stitching can be any colour, although it is best to keep ot the same as the colour of the tulle!

A cascade cut satin edge veil

The Sara, satin edge veil.

This veil has a beautiful satin ribbon edge. This edge can be made of 0.5cms or 0.25cms binding and can be sourced in numerous colours as can the tulle.

This edge of this veil falls in beautiful curves and if the brides choice, as per this photo, is the cascade cut, it shows this satin edging off to perfection.


A two layer organza ribbon edge veil

The Nancy organza ribbon edge

The organza ribbon edge is a very discreet and lightweight addition to a veil. In stock I have white and ivory ribbons and different widths for you to choose from.

A triple wired hip length veil

The Holly wired edge veil.

The "Holly" veil has a satin cord sewn onto it- it is also known as the rat-tail cording. It can be sewn along the edge, or inside the edge of the veil- and as many lines as you like. This example has three however a single line can be sewn along the edge and gives a structured edge to the veil which then makes the veil curl slightly. I have made it doubled or tripled lines, see photos for examples.
Available in white or ivory

The Swarovski drop and Bead

The Maddie Crystal drop veil.

This veil has a Swarovski crystal bead and drop sewn around the edge of the veils. It has the "Rachel" stiched edge on first to support the stiching and the beads. The Swarovski crystal bead & drop is then handstitched along the edge at equal distances.
These crystals are available in the normal clear option or the AB coating on them. The AB crystals give off mulit-coloured glints.

To note.

This veil is really not suitable as a long veil which is to reach the floor, as the beads can catch on anything on th floor and pull and possibly rip the veil.

The Lace Veils and Mantilla styles.

Discover more about my extensive range of laces here and also on the photo galleries on the pages. If you need help to find what you’re looking for, please feel free to get in touch with me,I am more than happy to help.

A chaple length lace mantilla veil

The Heba Lace

The "Heba" lace is a corded one way lace with the cording on one face, so is only suitable for a single layer veil or Mantilla style. The underside has no cording worked into it.
For further explanation please contact me.


A short waist length lace mantilla wedding veil

The Mairi Lace

The "Mairi" like the "Heba" lace is a corded lace with a "face" so is not suitable to be made into a two layer veil. The underside of the lace has no cording worked into it and would show the wrong face when the blusher is over,  so it is really more suitable for a single layer veil or Mantilla style. 

A cathedral large lace mantilla veil

The Kelly Lace

The "Kelly" lace is very large- it is 8" deep. It is a corded lace - however it is not as heavy as the "Heba" & "Mairi" so could be made as a two layer veil.

Although it is the largest lace I stock it is very soft not as rigid a the "Mairi" & "Heba" laces.

For any further help just contact me.

A short lace mantilla veil

Leila soft Spanish Lace

This lace is suitable for a bridal veil or a first communion veil.
It is a small delicate Spanish lace, lightweight and so gives an easy to wear veil.

A Spanish lace single layer veil

The Charlene soft Spanish lace

This lace is a beautiful soft Spanish lace. It is suitable for a two laye veil or a mantilla style veil.
However I only have the ivory shade left now, which I am now runing very low on stock.

A soft French lace wedding veil

Leanne soft French lace

This lace is a very deep lace but very lightweight as its a fine French lace.. It is very very soft. I have it in white & Ivory but the stock is running quite low and I can't replace it.

A two layer corded lace veil

The Ava corded lace veil

This lace is a beautiful corded lace. It has tiny delicate flowers along the inner edge.
It is avalable in white & Ivory.
I have also used it along the bottom edge of a cape, see photo example on the gallery below.

A two layer guipure lave bridal veil

The leaf guipure lace

The Leaf Lace is a new guipure lace. I only have this very beautiful lace in ivory. The veil will be named after the first bride who orders it if you send me a photo

The guipure lace mantilla veil.

The Elizabeth Guipure lace

The Elizabeth lace is a beautiful guipure cotton lace. It was one of the first laces I sourced. I had alot in stock but  now my supply is dwindling! 
I do have it in white & ivory- contact me to check if I have the amount you need for your chosen veil.

An open back cowl style wedding veil

The open back cowl veil

This veil is very different than other style veils. It has an open back, draped cowl effect. It is fixed into the hair with toupe clips, or small combs if you wish, at the side of the head so allowing the open cowl to drape down and leave the back of the bodice exposed. The lovely details of the dress can be seen through this open back. 

There are close ups of this veil in the gallery below.


Some other veil style ideas, I have made

A Satin edged two layer veil

The Vintage "Bubble" veil

This veil is usualy a very short two layer veil, cut very wide. Its is known as a bubble veil.
However I have recently made it a little
longer, and with a satin bow on the comb. See photos in gallery.
Although it is a short veil it is a "big" veil. It can be made with any of the edges featured on the veil pages but it is really special with the satin binding around.


A rainbow pride ribbon edged two layer veil

The Pride ribbon Veil

I a very excited about this veil. I have just been able to souce the pride rainbow organza ribbon, so I have made this sample in the "Bubble" style (see previous veil info) witha ribbon bow on the comb.

The Silk Tulle Veils

A soft silk two layer veil
A firm silk organza ribbon cascade veil.

The Soft Silk

This soft silk is the silk that, Kate, the Princess of Wales wore on her wedding day.  It is very stretchy and WILL NOT keep its structure. It will drop in one piece if not kept "out" by a crown or headpiece. Its is truly luxurious and the softest of all the tulles. The silks come in ivory & white and the width is 70" or 1.9mts - wide- so you cant have a very "big" veil with silk. However the soft silk will not go "big & poufy" anyway!! To help you choose please see the explanation on the YouTube video I have made.
I will gladly  send swatches of the tulle, silks or laces, free if you cover the cost of the postage, i.e send a stamped addressed envelope, just mail me for the address or use the contact form to request the address to send your SAE

I have made a gallery below of real brides wearing the soft silk to help you in making your choice of this unbelievable style of veil.

The Firm Silk

The firm silk comes in ivory & white. It is 70" or 1.9mts - wide. It is not stretchy and so keeps its structure similar to the normal tulle. It can have any of the edges added to it as per the normal veils. Look on the gallery below and you will see various edgings - which include lace, satin ribbon and  organza ribbon edge which my own daughter Emma chose for her wedding, photo of her above, modeling it some time after her wedding day (So it shows how well it can wash!!) A photo of her and me at a wedding fair is featured on the home page in the acknowldgement tribute to her.
Have a good browse of the gallery of real brides wearing this firm silk and to help you further see the Youtube video which will explain the difference between the soft & the firm silks- link below as well.

The veil prices

A list of the Veil Prices

Here is an extensive list of the prices for the normal sizes of veils. For any further help contact me.


A gallery showing real brides veils.

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