Dream Veils
Dream Veils

The Mary, Wendy & Lace Knotted Cap Veils

Lace vintage style veil The Mary veil

The Mary Veil

The Mary veil is a two layer veil which is secured onto the head with a band of lace.

Lace vintage Veil The Wendy Veils

The Wendy Veil

The Wendy veil is a flat veil with small tucks/gathers over each ear - a fine elastic cord can be attached underneath at the gathers- which an be worn under the hair at the back to secure the veil onto the head.

I have now created variations of this veil.
The flat lace version,

The folded over top lace version.... and

The new folded over cut edge version with small lace appliques at the sides.

Knotted lace cap vintage veil The Lace Knotted cap veil

The Knotted cap veil

This veil is made with the "Charlene" Spanish lace- the larger of the lace makes up the cap- the slimmer matching lace goes around the body of the veil.

The Gallery of the "Mary" Veils

The Gallery of the "Wendy" Veils

The Gallery of the Lace Knotted Cap Veils

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