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New Laces

This page is to show preliminary photos of new laces I have sourced that havent yet had a name assigned to them!!

Be the first to order one of these veils and it will be named after you and your photos published on here.

silk and lace veil Shauna wearing her firm silk "Mary" lace veil.

Here I am displaying the "Mary" lace.

This lace is featured on the Vintage veils collection - made into a vintage juliet cap style veil, but here it is shown made as a two layer lace veil.

Shauna's veil was a true bespoke veil made for her- it was a  two layer firm silk veil with this lace around the body of the veil. The bottom edge had another Spanish lace addidition. Photos to follow.


Photos of the new Spanish laces.

For ease they have a temporary name, but the first bride to order one and send me a photo- will have the lace named after her.



This is lace named - temporarly - 16-1

It is a beautiful Spanish cotton lace, guipure in nature. Its is 5 cms deep. I have this lace in stock in ivory and in white. 

This lace is named- 16-2 - it is  only available in ivory.

It is a cotton Spanish lace, guipure style and is 6cms deep.

This lace is named 16-4. it is only available in ivory.

It is a Spanish cotton guipure style lace and is 6cms deep.

This is the lace named 16-3.

It is a very delicate cotton lace, it is 4cms deep.

At the moment I have a small amount it in ivory, but I think I can get it in white. Contact me.

This is the lace named Tory- it is a fine Spanish lace- only available in ivory. It is approx 6.5cms

                 The April Lace

The April lace is available in two widths -10.5cms and 5.5cms.

I only have the ivory in the larger width.

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