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Dream Veils

The Heba, Mairi & Kelly Veils

lace mantilla veil. Nura wearing her 110" white "kelly" lace mantilla

The Mantilla veil has lace all around it, normally flat and worn on top or at the back of the head. I use heavy corded laces for the mantillas- two of these laces- The Heba and Mairi laces- are one way laces and only look ok with the face showing- so are really only suited to Mantilla or single layer veil styles.
All the other laces are fine as two layer veils.

This page is dedicated to the 3 corded laces.


Corded laces for wedding veils Close ups of the laces

The 3 corded laces


middle-"Mairi" Lace

bottom-"Kelly" Lace

Cathedral corded lace veil. The real Heba wearing her 108" "Heba" veil

The "Heba" Lace veil

The "Heba" lace is also a one way lace with the cording on one face, so is only suitable for a single layer veil or Mantilla style.

Waist length mantilla bridal veil The real Mairi wearing her 36" mantilla style veil

The "Mairi" lace veil.

The "Mairi" lace is a one way lace with a "face" so is not suitable to me made into a two layer veil. Only really for mantilla style or single layered.

Cathedral corded lace veil The real Kelly wearng her 108" mantilla veil

The "Kelly" Lace

The "Kelly lace is very large- it is 8" deep. It is a one way lace with the cording on one side-the face - however it is not as heavy as the "Heba" & "Mairi" so could be made as a two layer veil

"Kelly" lace Mantilla Veil in white "Kelly" lace Mantilla Veil in white
Lace single layer veil Special order-Aimee's veil, "Mairi" lace single layer with triple layer along the bottom.

Photo gallery of the "Heba" lace veils

Photo gallery of the "Mairi" lace veils

Photo gallery of the "Kelly" veils

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