Dream Veils
Dream Veils

Elizabeth, Ava, Li & Leaf lace Veils

The Elizabeth lace is a guipure lace, I only have a small amount left in stock but I do have white & ivory The Li lace is a corded lace- which is now only available in WHITE


The Elizabeth lace Veil

Elizabeth in her 126" Veil

The Elizabeth Guipure lce.

I only have small amounts of this lace left in stock- both in ivory and white.

The "Elizabeth" lace

The Li lace Veil

Li wearing her 36" Li lace mantilla veil

The Li Veil

This "Li" lace is a corded lace, unfortunately I only have this lace left in stock in white.

The "Li" lace

The Ava Lace veil

Corded flower lace The "Ava" lace

The Ava Lace

Lynsey in her "Ava" lace veil
This is a corded lace- small flowers on and scalloped edge.

The new Leaf Guipure lace veil.

Guipure lace veil Leaf Guipure lace

The Leaf Lace

The new guipure leaf lace. I only have this very beautiful lace in ivory. The veil will be named after the first bride who orders it.

Guipure lace Leaf guipure lace

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The Gallery of Li Lace Veils

The Gallery of Ava Lace veils

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