Dream Veils
Dream Veils

Charlene, Corina & Leanne Veils

These three laces are soft laces, they are Spanish laces except for the "Leanne" lace which is a French lace. They are suitable to me worn as two layer veils or as mantilla style or single layer veils. They are available in white & Ivory.

Lace wedding cape Corina wearing the lace cape- the lace now named after her- The Corina Laces
Part lace veil Nicole wearing her "Leanne" part lace veil

The Charlene Lace Veil

The two Charlene Laces

The Charlene lace comes in two sizes- the large one and the slimmer one. It is a soft Spanish lace which can be used as a two layer veil or a mantilla style

The "Charlene" Laces

The Charlene Laces, these laces come in matching large & small versions. Both available in white & ivory.

Corina Lace

A cape using the large No5 lace

The two Corina Laces

The Corina lace come in two sizes- large and slimmer. It is a soft Spanish lace which can be worn as a two layer or mantilla veil. Here is a photo of the reak Corina wearing her cape with the smaller lace around the neck and the larger around the edge.

The Corina laces.

The Lace named "The Corina", this lace is available in the large & small matching versons. Both availaiable in white & Ivory.

The Leanne  Lace

The Leanne French Lace

The Leanne French Lace

This soft lace is a French lace and is available in white & ivory.

The "Leanne" Lace

The Leanne french lace

The Gallery of The Charlene  Lace Veils

The Gallery of The Corina Laces

The Gallery of  Leanne Lace Veils

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