Dream Veils
Dream Veils

Charlene, No 5 & Leanne Veils

These three laces are soft laces, they are Spanish laces except for the "Leanne" lace which is a French lace. They are suitable to me worn as two layer veils or as mantilla style or single layer veils. They are available in white & Ivory.

Part lace veil Nicole wearing her "Leanne" part lace veil

The Charlene Lace Veil

The two Charlene Laces

The Charlene lace comes in two sizes- the large one and the slimmer one. It is a soft Spanish lace which can be used as a two layer veil or a mantilla style

The "Charlene" Laces

The Charlene Laces, these laces come in matching large & small versions. Both available in white & ivory.

No 5  Lace

A cape using the large No5 lace

The two No 5 Laces

The No 5 lace comes in two sizes- large and slimmer. It is a soft Spanish lace which can be worn as a two layer or mantilla veil.

The "No 5 " laces.

The Lace named "No 5", this lace is available in the large & small matching versons. Both availaiable in white & Ivory.

The Leanne  Lace

The Leanne French Lace

The Leanne French Lace

This soft lace is a French lace and is available in white & ivory.

The "Leanne" Lace

The Leanne french lace

The Gallery of The Charlene  Lace Veils

The Gallery of The Lace named  No 5

The Gallery of  Leanne Lace Veils

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