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I have just retuirned from a trip to Spain to source new Spanish laces. I will be posting close-up photos of them in the next few days, please keep a look-out!


French lace veil Nicole wearing her part "Leanne" lace veil
Lace veil. Aimee-in her special order,"Mairi" lace single layer veil with two extra layers at the bottom.

I hand make lace and mantilla style veils. They are completley bespoke- custom made to the brides requirement.

I have lots of stocks of laces which I edge my veils with.

The heavy corded laces - The Heba & Mairi laces are one way laces and only suitable as single layers or mantilla style. The Kelly lace is a corded lace and really is a one way lace but is alittle softer so could be made as a two layer veil.

The other laces are mostly Spanish laces and are much softer, are wearable with both sides showing so can be made into two layer normal style veils.

I am running out of some stock of laces- which are shown on their own page-- the Elizabeth guipure lace and the Li lace. See the page dedicated to them to explain which stocks are left.


DUE to massive rises in postal charges- I will send - free of charge any swatches of the tulles and laces- if you send me an SAE (stamped addressed envelope! )

As you can appreciate I get hundreds of requests for swatches and the amount of requests I get costs so much in postal charges I can no longer send them without the post being paid for.  I will gladly send a nice piece of the tulle, silk or lace - providing you pay the postage.

just mail me or use the contact form and I will give you the address where to send the envelopes. Thanks.

Below are the links to the laces I have- the photos are of the real brides wearing their veils which were named after them.

The Heba Lace

The Mairi Lace

The Kelly Lace

The Flora Lace

The Annika Lace

The Leila Lace

The Charlene Lace

The Corina laces

The French "Leanne" lace

Guipure lace veils Elizabeth

The Elizabeth Lace Veil

Corded lace veils Li

The Li Lace Veil

The "Ava" corded lace veil The "Ava" corded lace veil

The Ava Lace

The "Ava" corded lace veil


More photos coming soon....



Guipure Lace Veil The Leaf Lace

The Leaf Lace

This is a new lace- a guipure lace.  more photos to follow- see page link for more photos



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