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The Help Page- guide to choosing your Dream Veil

About my veils and other veil information.

This page is the boring bit ! PLEASE READ IT !!!! It explains how the veils are made, the difference in the sizes and colours, and the different ways it can be attached to the comb, (gathered or flat)
For a photo of the combs and toupe clips - see the bottom of the page.

REMEMBER my veils are all HANDMADE - specifically to your order- a true handmade bespoke veil.

Here are the links to the information videos I have done.
The differences between single and two layer veils. click here
The birdcage veils and how to wear them. click here
The differences between the soft and the firm silk veils. click here



I have also written an article on This fab site- to show brides how to attach and secure a veil to their head.

Plans and Presents-tips on Veils


DUE to massive rises in postal charges- I will send - free of charge any swatches of the tulles and laces- if you send me an SAE (stamped addressed envelope! )

As you can appreciate I get hundreds of requests for swatches and the amount of requests I get costs so much in postal charges I can no longer send them without the post being paid for.  I will gladly send a nice piece of the tulle, silk or lace free of charge- providing you pay the postage.

just mail me or use the contact form and I will give you the address where to send the envelopes. Thanks.

Wedding veil sizes and information The sizes and generic names for the veils with guidance of lengths and equivalent single or two layer options.


Here is a rough guide to the usual "normal" style sizes of veils, however all my veils will be made to your own specific order, so allowing you to have the length and width that you want. (Max width 3mts-SILK only comes in widths of 70")


Description of the veils and how they are constructed.

The "Normal"  two layerd veil.

The 36", 48", 54" and 72" veils are circular. The 108" and larger veils are oval.

A veil usually has a portion about 25" from the end, which is folded over and gathered onto a comb. This creates the top layer or "Blusher" layer. The remaining length of the tulle falls down the back. So to give an example a 126" veil - the blusher portion could be 26" so giving the underlayer of 100" to fall down the back to the floor.

This shorter, "blusher" portion can be folded back over the head to cover the face to enter the wedding ceremony to walk down the aisle. This practice dates back to times of old when some say the bride and her attendants had veils to cover their faces so that evil spirits wouldn't know which was the lady to be married, so thwarting any curses that could be put upon her! The groom stands to the right to receive his bride to enable him to accept her on his left arm, so keeping his right hand free to brandish his sword should the need arrise!! Such Chivalry !!

A Single layerd Veil.

Single layerd veils are cut differently - they are cut in a U shape and then completely gatherd along the top of the U and sewn onto the comb, Therefor you can't have a flat single layerd veil.
You order the length you want as all the tulle length drops down the back.


Cascade/Angel Cut single layered Veils.
I have devoted an extra page explaining & showing examples of a cascade or angel cut veil. These can only be single layers as they have a specific cut to make the sides cascade down at the sides. You can access this page from this link on the wedding veil page


A note about "Drop" veils

I am asked a lot about drop veils- I don't make drop veils as such-- I make a flat veil sewn onto a comb.
The problem I have with "Drop" veils is that they look great but are an absolute pain to attach to the head- you have no point on the veil/tulle of where to pin the veil to get it in the correct place. Some say to use a hatpin?? or hairpin- this to me defeats the object of an "invisible" drop of tulle on the head.
There is no way anyone can wear a veil on the head and expect it to stay there without some method of fixing it into the hair---- SO I make veils sewn flat onto a comb which when put into place can give that look.- see Amanda photo below and the section below explaining the gathering of veils.

Ivory cut edge drop style two layer veil Amanda in her flat- or drop veil


I now also make black mantilla veils.

Your veil does not have to be white or ivory. Tulle can be sourced in many colours. In normal tulle I stock white, silk white (or diamond white- a very very pale ivory) ivory, pale pink, champagne, honey gold, bright gold, cherry red and black.

A short bubble style-pink- two layered veil. A pink two layer veil
Bespoke single layered champagne cut edge single layer veil A Champagne coloured veil
Waist length two layered edged stitch red veil A red two layer veil
Gold veil A 36" two layer gold tulle veil with gold satin binding and gold Swarovski crystals dotted over.
Bright gold veil Morwenna in her bright gold two layer "Kate" curly wired edge veil

The Combs & Toupe clips

Combs and tuope clips for bridal veils and birdcage veils Sizes of Combs & Toupe clips

Above are the combs used on all the items on the site.
Top one is the large 4" (11cms) comb I normally sew onto the long veils,

The next one is the 3" (8 cms) comb which I sew onto the shorter veils and the full faced birdcage veils.
The bottom two are Toupe clips - which are used for the birdcage veils,
the larger one - 1+quarter inch or 3+half cms is the one I normally use for the "Brooke" veil - or sometimes the "Rebecca"  and the smaller one - 1" or 3 cms- is the one I use for the "Amy" visor veils.

I have included a page for each of the veils, with photo examples of them and further descriptions. I will be happy to give you any more information you may need if you contact me, the telephone number and e-mail address is listed on the contact page.


To place an order just fill in the enquiry form on the contact page. We can discuss any queries you might have by mails or you can telephone me on the number on that page.


All the veils are bespoke and are made to your individual order, therefore no refunds can be given. However in the event of the veil to be damaged or not to your specific order, it can be reuturned with 30 days of receipt. However please check your veil immediately you receive it and notify me of any problem. I will not accept any returns after 30 days from receipt.

PLEASE NOTE!! IMPORTANT !! Because I provide free of charges- swatches of everything I use- on receipt of an SAE- I will not accept the return of a veil for full refund if the veil is the wrong colour.

Dream Veils is exempt from the "Distance Selling Regulations" because all the veils and other items are made to order. For further information see.

All goods remain the property of Dream Veils until paid for in full.

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