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Dream Veils

Exclusive and Unique Veils

This is a page devoted specifically for brides to purchase veils that will and never can be repeated. They are perfect veils (so I'm not putting them on the discount/sale page).
They are veils which I have either made to be sold as special  unique veils  or - as in the case of the "Real" Mantilla veils-- where I have dierectly  bought from my lace supplier. ​

I have included a gallery of photos of the veils on each one that is available to purchase.

PLEASE remember they are completely unique-- real "one off's" I cannot repeat that veil exactly- once they are gone- they are gone! I have given as much information as I can on the text showing each veil, along with lots of photos.

On these specific veils-I can't send swatches I'm afraid as I either- don't have the lace in stock, or the veil wasn't actually made by me. So if you have any queries just contact me, I will help you as much as I can.

REAL Spanish lace Mantilla veils

This Summer, I took a trip to visit my Spanish lace supplier.

Ofcourse I go carried away buying new laces!!! BUT whilst I was there I also saw the REAL mantilla veils!! So I purchased three, that he just "happened" to have around!! and here they are.

They are truly exclusive- no-one will have one like any of these mantilla veils.

They don't have a comb on them at the moment as- obvoiusly they are meant to me worn with a Peineta - the Spanish Combs.

So I have shown them hanging from the lace - where I could sew a comb -- and then also I have pulled them forward to cover the face as our traditional blusher layter veil. It could be worn like this - but mail me to discuss if you are thinking of this.


Ivory lace mantilla Ivory lace mantilla veil-with appliques

Here is a YouTube video showing you this veil in more detail.

This mantilla is ivory- it is 96" from top to bottom and 58" wide

The lace I would say is a slightly deeper shade of ivory, almost cream. A vintage colour. It has appliques worked onto the body of the tulle.

It is unbeleivablely beautiful! - a REAL mantlla.

The cost for this veil is £220

Please see the gallery below- showing the veil as a single "Mantilla" style and also pulled over the face to be worn as a blusher.

At the moment there is no comb onthis veil-please contact me for any further help or information.

Mantilla lace veil The 72" broad lace Mantilla veil

Here is a YouTube video showing this veil in more detail.

Here is an ivory 72" mantilla veil. The width is 44".

The lace is what i would describe as ivory. I am calling this the broad lace mantilla.

I have displayed it as a single layer mantilla style and also with it pulled over the face to form a blusher layer.

There is no comb on it at the moment- if you are interested plase contact me to discuss the options.

The cost of this trully unique veil is £130


Other unique exclusive veils.

Silk tulle lace veil Silk tulle lace veil

A unique opportunity to buy a specialy made- one off- ivory - pure firm silk, single layer veil with Spanish lace around.

This veil is a complete limited edition of ONE !!!

I only bought this small piece of lace because I fell in love with it !! I thought it so beautiful that it should be put onto silk tulle. So I used the whole piece to make this special veil- it is a complete "One Off" veil.

It is made from pure firm silk- it is 1 mtr length -- or 39" 

It is adorned with a beautiful Spanish lace all around.

The price for this veil should be £165 --- but here is an opportunity to get it for £100.

90" ivory veil 90" ivory firm silk single layer lace veil

Here is a 90" ivory pure silk tulle, single layer Spanish lace veil.

The tulle is beautiful firm silk- it quite slim- and the bottom applique'd lace comes to a point at the bottom edge.

I would say that this veil would be appropriate for a slimmer silhouette dress.

It is completely unique and handmade by me. I have one other similar lace applique to this - but it is not the same. So I could make something similar to this- i.e longer or shorter. But this actual veil will not be repeated (I cannot source the lace anymore)

The cost for this veil is £250 -- as it is pure silk.

This veil- shown below-- I could repeat, But as I had this silk tulle left from a roll I thought I would make it up to present here to some lucky bride to be able to buy at a slightly cheaper price.

It is ivory- pure firm silk- 106" and edged with my lovely Spanish lace I call the "Charlene" lace.

The cost for this would normally be £350 -- but as a special offer I am costing this a s £220.

I can make this veil in various sizes - but they will be the bespoke cost.

Please see the gallery below showing thsi beautiful veil.

96" silk tulle lace veil 106" ivory pure silk tulle"Charlene" lace single layer veil
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