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I often have end of roll lengths of tulle and laces- so this page is where you will find these veils that I have made up from these tulles & laces, and where you can find very affordable veils. They are all "one off" veils - the prices are on each veil.

I have also added a small gallery of more photos of each item for sale below the main photo.

PLEASE keep popping back as I am adding veils to this all the time.

Here is an opportunity to buy a perfect- 18" drop (extra wide "Bubble" veil It is completely doubled and is a shoulder length veil. It is cut very wide to give the "Bigness" on the comb.

It has ivory satin binding all around and in perfect condition.

(It is similar to the one below which is damaged)

Cost £50

Here is an opportunity to buy -- very very cheaply an ivory 36" doubled layer- so drop is 18" -extra wide veil with the wider satin binding around.

When I was pressing it I noticed a flaw in the tulle- so it has a small hole in it. There is a close-up photo of the flaw which is about 3 cms long -- in the gallery below.

Fortunately it is in the underlayer and cannot be seen when worn. This photo to the left is showing the veil - the flaw cannot be seen.

I have enclosed underneath more photos of the veil with the flaw. I had to put a safety pin where the little hole is to show where it is.

This veil should be £60 -- sale price £10.


If you need ay further photos - just mail me.



You could have a satin bow attached to the comb- as per this veil which is featured on the "Sara" page and vintage veil page. extra £5

Swarovski Crystals can also be added all over. extra £15

72" WHITE soft French lace two layer veil

A very exclusive 72"  white French soft lace "Leanne"  lace -two layer veil - layers 24" & 48"  -- s/b £150-- sale price £45

Vintage lace veil A White 24" Vintage lace single layer veil

A short white 24" single layer lace veil.

This is really "Vintage" cotton lace. I have had it for many years, waiting for that time to use it.

However need to clear the stock cupboard- the price for thsi little very special one off veil is £25.

See below for more photos.

36" Ivory "Leila" lace single layer veil- original price £75   SALE price  £25

48" ivory "Penny" Swarovski banded-two layer veil- both layers equal at 24" - original price £100 Sale price £30

Note-- this veil is the "Drop" style- so it has no gather on the comb- its flat - this gives the even edge length all around the bottom.

This banding is the last of the small Swarovski banding I had.

54" two layer white "Flora" lace veil- layers are 24" and 30"

Original price £115 SALE price £40

This is the very last of my white very soft cotton vintage lace. I have enough to make a mantilla- from aound 44" or a two layer veil - but shorter inlength. I havent made it up yet so it could be made to measure around that length.

Contact me ----   prices on request.

126" white "Sara" satin bound two layer veil-- layers 29" + 97" original price £170    SALE price £80

A white 36" single layer "Mairi" lace veil. The lace goes over the comb ontop of the head- the tulle has a small gather in it to give height.

A very special veil=original price £80 - SALE price £40

White only--- wide nylon lace- I have a large roll of it- it can be made into any length of veil -- either two layer, single layer or mantilla style. A very inexpensive veil- suitable for First Holy Communion veils. Prices upon request - but as a guide- --

small 24" mantilla - as per photos £15

a 30 " £15

a 36" £20

a 72" £55

a 110" £75


mail me for any more details

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