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Bridal Capes

The Tulle Bridal Capes
I have created a range of tulle wedding capes. There are different options for you to choose from- see the the photos to give you inspiration. These option styles range from lace, pull over the head, a shoulder capes  that can be "Bardot" style , and a draped drop back style which can show off the back bodice of the dress.

They can be made in any length.

The laces can be chosen from my vast sellection of laces (see the bridal laces) and  They are made from the tulle I use for wedding veils.
They can be made of normal tulle, dotty tulle or silk tulles and various sizes- contact me for any further info, prices or help
 I have posted prices at the bottom of the page of the usual sizes of capes.


Draped back tulle wedding cape The Leonora tulle draped back cape

Leonora wearing the draped back cape named after her.

The tulle cape was atached to the back of the bodice of her dress.

More photos to come!!!

Dotted tulle & lace cape Angela in her dotted tulle & lace cape. featured on Rock my wedding blog

Katie in her "Leanne"   French lace cape

Lace Capes

The Shoulder Capes

The Bardot style lace cape.

This cape is the "Bardot" style lace cape, see gallery for other lace options.



The slim crystal chip band cape

This slim band of tiny crystal chips can be worn "Bardot" style or with the banding lay down to the bodice like a shoulder strap.



The wide diamante & pearl band cape.

This wider band of beads & pearls is more suitable as a "Bardot" style cape.


The Leonora drape cape.

This cape has a drape style, it is designed to be able to show the details of the back of the dress. It needs to ne fixed to either shoulder straps or can be fixed to the back bodice of the dress.


The Leonora drape cape.

This is 100" which fixes into the back of the bodice of the dress.

See this actual cape featured at the top of the page- now named after the first bride to order it!- The Leonora Cape.

       The real Khera wearing the "Khera" satin bound top                                        shoulder cape.    

Khera had the satin binding attached to her shoulder straps

The real Khera in the cape named after her.

The back of the "Khera" cape.

The Short Capes

Two layer satin edge cape Two layer satin edge cape
Black tulle and lace short cape. Black tulle and lace short cape.
Dotted tulle & lace short cape. Dotted tulle & lace short cape.

Gallery of the long lace capes-pull over head style.

Gallery of shoulder capes and "Bardot" style capes.

Also Drape back shoulder cape

Gallery of the short capes

The Prices for the Capes

If you dont find the size you are looking for as its difficult to price each cape on here because you can have whatever lengths you want..... so as a guide see the table below .....



The dotted tulle & lace veil Angela wore was roughly 60" in total- the front she ordered was shorter than the sample that Emma models- Angela's cape was around 12" and the bottom layer would have measured from the shoulder about 46"


NOTE -The short Spanish lace on silk tulle cape - limited eddition is for example only- I have to order the collar for anyone wishing to order this, although I do have one or two left in stock - so contact me to make sure I have or can get one!!! If I can get it and its made onto normal tulle then it would be the same cost as the others.


Mail me for any further help- they are all made to measure --- so  if you know the lengths you want and its not listed on the grid below, then I can cost it for you.


Length Lace off the shoulder cape Wide crystal&bead band Slim crystal chip band cape Drape cape Khera satin edge cape Lace pull over the head style
150cms or 59" £100 £110 £100 £65 £90 £90 (inc front& back lengths and lace or pencil edge around neck)
200cms or 78" £110 £120 £110 £80 £100 £120     "                   "
229cms or 90" £115 £125 £115 £95 £105 £135
254cms or 100" £120 £130 £120 £105 £110 £150     "                    "
300cms or 118" £130 £140 £130 £125 £120 £200   "                       "
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