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Bridal Capes

The Tulle Capes
I have created tulle capes. They are very simple- just go over the head-or tie around the neck. I have also just created a cape which drapes across the back and attaches either to the shoulder straps or bodice ofthe dress. They are made of the tulle I use for wedding veils. They can have any of the laces around or have any of the edges that I use on the veils. They either are pop over the head style- no fastenings, or I have a tie front selection. The new addition is attached to the dress and lies across the back & shoulders.
They can be made of normal tulle, dotty tulle or silk tulles and various sizes- contact me for any further info, prices or help.

PLEASE keep an eye on this page as I am expanding this collection with newer versions pf the "Khera" cape.
 I have posted a rough guide to the prices at the bottom of the page.


Dotted tulle & lace cape Angela in her dotted tulle & lace cape. featured on Rock my wedding blog

Coming soon!!!- A New range of capes- The Khera Cape

These capes will be shoulder capes which will drape across the back and either fix to the dress shouder straps - or have lace across the front.

                            Here she is .......                                    Khera wearing the cape named after her......

Khera wearing her tulle cape.

Shown from the back it has a satin ribbon along the top which the comes over the shoulders and attaches to the shoulder straps of the dress.

Khera wearing her "Khera" tulle cape.

          Corina in her "Corina" lace wedding cape

            Katie in her "Leanne" French lace cape

Long Capes

French lace cape The "Leanne" french lace cape
Spanish lace cape The Khera shoulder cape.
Spanish lace cape The Corina Spanish lace cape

The Short Capes

Lace bridal cape A Spanish lace on silkshort cape
Dotted tulle wedding cape Dotted tulle and Spanish lace short cape
Lace tulle bridal cape Leaf lace with shoulder spray cape
Short lace edged cape The "Ava" lace edged cape

A new two layer satin edged cape- open front and ties at the neck.

Two layer satin edge cape Two layer satin edge cape
Two layer satin edge cape Two layer satin edge cape
Two layer satin edge cape Two layer satin edge cape

A short black guipure lace- pull over the head - tulle cape.
I only have this lace in black.

Black guipure lace cape A short black guipure lace cape
Black guipure lace cape A short black pull over the head, guipure lace cape
Black guipure lace cape A short black guipure lace cape

Gallery of the long capes

Gallery of the short capes

The Prices for the Capes


It is difficult to price each cape on here as you can have whatever lengths you want..... so as a guide.....

The dotted tulle & lace veil Angela wore was roughly 60" in total- the front she ordered was shorter than the sample that Emma models- Angela's cape was around 12" and the bottom layer would have measured from the shoulder about 46"


A total length (incl front) of 60"  for all the capes except the long Spannish lace one.      is £120

A total length (incl front) of 108" "     "          "          "                             "                "                 is £210


The Khera cape is a "work in progress" as there are new versions coming soon

However as a rough guide one similar to Khera's cape -80" drop and satin along the top is £100


NOTE -The short Spanish lace on silk tulle cape - limited eddition is for example only- I have to order the collar for anyone wishing to order this - so contact me to make sure I can get one!!! If I can get it and its made onto normal tulle then it would be the same cost as the others. (not the appliqued one)


So this is just a guide- so mail me for any further help- they are all made to measure --- so  if you know the lengths you want then I can cost it for you.

The prices are also noted on the prices page.


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