Birdcage Veils.

Emma Modeling the full faced "Rebecca" Birdcage veil with Swarovski banding around and tulle bow.

Click here for a complete information video of all my birdcage veils and how to wear them

Birdcage veils can be made with net or tulle.
They can be adorned with Swarovski crystals or have Swarovski Crystal banding hand-sewn onto the bottom edge.

I make Four types of birdcage veils, but there are variations to all of them and can be customised to your own preference.

Briege- May 2013- wearing her "Rebecca" full faced merry widow net birdcage veil and HER OWN headpiece

The photo shown below is from The "50 Shades of Grey" lingerie photoshoot - see also below the little tulle bow.- now featured on the blog

.And another from a photoshoot- of a little red "Amy" visor veil. all taken by Jenny from McAvoy photography

A gold full faced birdcage veil- Photos from Jenny McAvoy  featured on her blog Love me Love My Wedding.

A Dotted tulle birdcage veil - photos Jenny McAvoy  featured on her blog Love me Love My Wedding.

Below are from the Limited Editions page
A little something made for an Ascot themed shoot.

Some examples of veils from the Limited Edition page.- left to right, left- large tulle bow on band  and right a one off birdcage veil on a band with flower attachment.
See the Limited Edition page

The Birdcage Veils

The Rebbeca and Brooke- Full Face veils in net.  - with or without bows, in net or tulle

The Michelle and Simone Full Face veils in Tulle & Dotted tulle    - with or without bows, in net or tulle.

The Amy visor veil.  The shorter veil.

The Keedy and The Tereza  Masque.  Twp very different veils!!!

A "Rebecca" veil with, Swarovski Crystal banding and a tulle bow               A
"Rebecca"with net bow                                   A gold "Amy" visor veil


                                    The "Brooke" full faced net veil - using the 9" net                                  A wide "Michelle"  full faced veil in tulle-  with dotted bow attchment.



                       The "Michelle" Full faced in tulle                              The "Simone" Full faced in tulle- with back drop of tulle.

A Bow
How about a simple bow??- below are photos of a simple bow in dotted merry widow net and also in tulle.

The photos shown below are taken from a photoshoot for
Wrapor  shrugs, boleros & wraps- the beautiful photography is by McAvoy Photography The dresses are from Glamour Bridal 
of Bolton
Can I thank- Kay from Wrapor, Jenny from McAvoy Photography and Debbie from Glamour Bridal for allowing me to show these photos.
And also Thanks to Jenny for the "50 shades" photoshoot.


This bow is so simple but looks absolutely amazing just positioned on the back of the head.

Above is a tulle bow with Swarovski pearls dotted over- used in the "50 shades of Grey" Lingerie photoshoot-- McAvoy Photography

The Masque

The masque is an extremely unique birdcage veil, it as small clips at each end to attach into the hair.

Here is just one of my "Real Brides" --- Please click on the links above to take you to the pages showing each type of veil in detail.

Sara -- where-else??!!! Las Vegas 2010- wearing her "Michelle" tulle full faced veil

The Combs/Toupe Clips

Above are the combs used on all the items on the site.
Top one is the large 4" (11cms) comb I normally sew onto the long veils, The next one is the 3" (8 cms) comb which I sew onto the shorter veils and the full faced birdcage veils.
The bottom two are Toupe clips - which are used for the birdcage veils,
the larger one - 1+quarter inch or 3+half cms is the one I normally use for the "Brooke" veil - or sometimes the "Rebecca"  and the smaller one - 1" or 3 cms- is the one I use for the "Amy" visor veils